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Working, graduating, or doing an internship

Working, graduating, or doing an internship

Working, graduating, or doing an internship

The Amsterdam location is all about innovation, creativity, software, hardware, and mechanics. Here, you will work in a team on assignments for our clients. You will be involved in all technical work from concept to production (and sometimes including enclosures). You are driven to deliver the optimal result for the client. Speed, creativity, and practical solutions is where your team makes the difference.

Customers tend to come back for further development of existing products. Maintaining and updating knowledge is also important in this regard. Through collaboration with our production sites, you will also learn more and more about the production process and how aspects such as logistics, efficiency, quality, reliability, and continuity play a role in the development process. We definitely have a no nonsense culture where fun is also important. The technical standard is high, and our people have a lot of experience. We think it is important to transfer that experience to each other.

If your interest has been piqued or you already know you want to work for us, check out our vacancies site. You can also submit an open application here.

Apprenticeship company

As an accredited apprenticeship company, we offer talented people the opportunity to do internships and graduate. We are regularly looking for enthusiastic interns at intermediate vocational, higher vocational or university level. We do require proficiency within our field. Upon application, we will invite you after reviewing your CV. Depending on your interest or preferences, you will do a project in electronics or embedded programming. During your project, you will be guided, and your project will have a good chance of success. With the right effort, you can gain more practical knowledge than you may have acquired at school.

Check our vacancies site for your internship. See you soon!