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HEAD Electronics

HEAD Electronics provides a total package of services in the field of electronics to industrial companies. This includes developing high-quality electronics, manufacturing and assembling PCBs and assembling composite end products or semi-finished products.

Our philosophy is that we want to control all aspects of the electronics process down to the last detail. This guarantees you a high-quality product. In addition, HEAD has had the ISO 9001 certificate since 1994. Working on the basis of a plan with measurable goals (SMART) as well as continuous improvement and assurance (CVP) are central to this.

All assembled (end) products are delivered in accordance with IPC-A-610 class 2. The IPC-A-610 describes the visual acceptance requirements of assembled electronics. This standard is used worldwide to objectively assess the quality of assembled printed circuit boards (end product). We have several employees who hold a valid IPC-A-610 Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) certificate. In addition, various employees also have an IPC 7711/21 CIS certificate. The IPC 7711/7721 standard has been drawn up with a view to "Rework, Repair & Modification" on or of assembled printed circuit boards. The accompanying training provides all the guidelines necessary to responsibly re-solder, repair or modify components and printed circuit boards.

Your products are in good hands with us, also when it comes to protection against electrostatic discharges (ESD). Our production areas, resources and procedures are specially designed for this. In addition, we purchase our materials as best as possible on the basis of the latest legislation in the field of REACH, RoHS and 3TG-Conflict Minerals. Combine this with excellent service and you have a great partner in HEAD Electronics.

PCB Development, PCB intermediary, PCB assembly and Mechatronics: everything takes place in-house. These production facets can be used together or separately.


HEAD Electronics B.V. in Katwijk was founded in June 1987 by former director A. van Leeuwen.
HEAD stands for "Holland Electronics Advanced Development". The company started in 1974 as an electronics store on the Bosplein in Katwijk. Model building items and electronic components were sold to consumers there. A graduate in electronics soon joined the company, after which the focus slowly shifted towards the industry. In 1986, this led to the move to a factory building on the van der Vegtstraat, which more than doubled the floor area and made electronics production a reality. Due to the increasing demand for assembled electronic products, the next move to the Rijnlandkade became necessary in 1988. The floor space tripled as a result of this move. Due to the favorable economic climate and the increasing size of the customer base and order book, a much larger building at 17 Ambachtsweg in the 't Heen industrial area in Katwijk was moved into in 1997. Here growth has continued even faster and heavy investments have been made in people, resources, (production) machines and work processes.


Electronics | Development | Production

  • 8000 m2 production in NL
  • Multiple locations in NL
  • 250+ FTE > 40+ engineers
  • Proto to 100.000+ pcs production
  • Product lifecycle management for your products
  • Highest quality standards
  • 50+ years track record
  • Testing and service engineers