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Mach technology acquires Batenburg Industriële Elektronica:

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Neede 1 July 2024 – Mach technology, which is a leading technology company that specialises in the development and production of electronics, is proud to announce the acquisition of Batenburg Industriële Elektronica. CEO Willem Kok: “This acquisition represents a milestone in Mach's growth. As a group, we have doubled in size in a short space of time. Together we can offer even better and smarter solutions.”

From manufacturing to agriculture and from healthcare to building automation: Mach technology is a major developer and producer of electronic products in a variety of sectors. After several acquisitions, the group now unifies the knowledge and expertise of subsidiaries Muco, CDS, Head, Venne and Holdano. “Batenburg Industriële Elektronica is an important addition to our portfolio”, says CEO Willem Kok. “Just like Mach technology, Batenburg Industriële Elektronica produces and tests high-quality printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA’s) for a loyal group of customers. This has allowed the company to establish a strong reputation. In addition, the company brings the capabilities for running very efficient production processes.”

High-grade products

“This transaction has allowed us to find a fantastic new partner for Batenburg Industriële Elektronica”, adds Ralph van den Broek, CEO of Batenburg Techniek. “This will safeguard the company's growth opportunities. The business cultures are similar and employees will be able to further develop their talents. This sale of activities enables us to intensify our focus on the core activities in Automation and Electrification. We will thus be able to focus our expertise on technological solutions and services.” Day-to-day affairs at Batenburg Industriële Elektronica in Neede, soon-to-be Mach electronics, will continue to be managed by Rene Temmink. “We are delighted to join forces with Mach technology. This will allow us to offer Mach's development capabilities to our existing customer portfolio and retaining our character.”

Nordian has been the majority shareholder of Mach technology since 2021. Partner Menno Wagenmakers: “Our goal is to expand Mach into a leading player in the development and production of electronics. Following the acquisition of Venne Electronics in November, the addition of Holdano in June and now the acquisition of Batenburg Industriële Elektronica, we are taking important steps to realise this ambition.”


”The recent acquisitions have allowed the Mach group to double in size within a period of eight months”, adds Willem Kok. ”This is a great moment for me to transfer my tasks to Arjan van Breukelen.” Arjan will start as the new CEO of Mach technology on 7 July. ”I am delighted to be taking over the reins from Willem. Mach plays an important role in the competitiveness of the Dutch manufacturing industry, and we are very proud of that”, he says. “One of my priorities will be to further develop the collective strength of the individual companies when it comes to production development, procurement, robotisation and the further automation of our core processes. This will allow us to offer our customers even better and smarter solutions. After the acquisition of Batenburg Industriële Elektronica, the time has now come for all companies to operate under a single banner and to bear the Mach name.”

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