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Mach technology takes over family business Holdano

Acquiring Holdano

Mach technology, leading technology company specialized in product development and production of electronics, announces proudly announces the acquisition of Holdano.
CEO Willem Kok: “Holdano is a family business with extensive electronics knowledge and long-term customer relationships. Together we are strengthening our position in Limburg”.

From industry to agriculture and healthcare to building automation, Mach technology plays a crucial role in electronic products across various sectors. The group, which includes Muco, CDS, Head, and VENNE Electronics, partners with clients to provide innovative electronic solutions from concept to final product. "The acquisition of Holdano aligns perfectly with the Mach strategy," says CEO Willem Kok. "Holdano, an EMS company with strong, long-term customer relationships and similar expertise, complements our capabilities. By operating independently yet collaboratively, we can foster even more innovation and expand our technical knowledge base. This empowers our customers to excel in their markets. Together, we will be stronger moving forward."

Ward van der Venne, the CEO of Mach company VENNE Electronics, will oversee daily management. "I will be taking over from the Hollands family," he states. "Holdano is a robust EMS company closely aligned with VENNE Electronics. Both Limburg-based family businesses specialize in producing high-quality PCBAs and assembling modules. Through extensive collaboration, both companies will strengthen each other."

The Hollands family is pleased with the transition. "We are confident that our employees and customers are in good hands," says Rene Hollands. "Mach Technology upholds the same values as Holdano, enhanced with modern techniques and skills." The Holdano team remains dedicated to providing high-quality products and services to their existing customers. The merger will create new opportunities for innovation and collaboration.

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