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Mach technology acquires VENNE Electronics to stimulate innovation and further growth

Venne Electronica

Mach Technology, a leading technology company specialized in product development and production of electronics, is proud to announce the acquisition of VENNE Electronics, a renowned colleague with a strong reputation in the market. Mach attracted Nordian as a shareholder in 2021 to further shape the buy-and-build strategy together. The acquisition of VENNE Electronics marks an important milestone in Mach's growth and strengthens its position as a solid player in the Dutch electronics industry.

With approximately 250 employees, including an electronics development branch of more than 40 engineers plus project management, Mach technology has established itself as a supplier with broad electronics knowledge. The acquisition of Venne Electronics, which in turn has similar expertise in development and production, creates an even more powerful company that is able to offer a wider range of services to customers in different sectors and regions.

Willem Kok, CEO Mach technology: “At Mach we believe that joint growth makes us stronger, initially together with our customers, but also with partners. We rely on the strength of the group and the agility of the various independently operating entities within it. As a group we can further develop our organization, bring more innovation and we have broad technical knowledge. Flexibility is our priority. Because HEAD, CDS, MUCO, and now also VENNE continue to operate independently, we can easily adapt to the wishes and needs of individual customers. Through this partnership we can better enable our customers to excel in their markets and thus jointly take steps towards more innovation and further growth. This acquisition strengthens Mach's position as a forerunner in the Dutch electronics industry."

Ward van der Venne, director of Venne Electronics: “With the connection of VENNE Electronics to Mach technology, we are strengthening and broadening our technological knowledge and logistics strength to continue working on growth and continuity from VENNE Electronics. With this new step, we are entering a new phase to serve our (future) customers even better.”

Under the new corporate structure, VENNE Electronics will continue to operate under the same name and the team remains committed to providing high-quality products and services to their existing customer base. The acquisition will offer new opportunities for innovation and collaboration between both companies.

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