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We don't need to explain that a DOA or repairing a product is covered by warranty and entails a lot of costs. Where work is done, mistakes are made. This also applies to the production of electronics. Whether it concerns PCBA, components or an assembly, there is always a chance of failure (xx PPM).

To ensure that a product has the smallest possible chance of failure, the companies within the MACH Technology group have a strict quality program.

Apart from ISO9001 or ISO13485, specific tests are also applied in addition to the standard quality checks in production, in consultation with the customer. Both CDS and Head electronics have their own department to build and program test equipment, of course you can make use of the support of the engineers of Muco Technologies if necessary.

By producing and testing in the Netherlands, the path from production to the end customer is as short as possible and there is much to be gained in terms of time and costs.

Curious what such a setup could mean for your product?

Feel free to contact us, we would be happy to discuss.

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