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Local production versus low-wage countries

The demand for production options for high-quality electronics is growing rapidly in the Netherlands. With a second even faster multiwave soldering robot from Vitronics Soltec, CDS Electronics offers an answer to this question.

Reducing and further developing the number of hand solders
Because not every design can be realized using SMT technology and a reliable through-hole solder connection is still necessary for the use of power electronics for electric driving or charging, a fast Multiwave soldering robot from Vitronics Soltec was chosen. With this machine, the number of hand soldering can be greatly reduced or, if well designed, can be completely eliminated. This makes it possible to compete with some low-wage countries where a lot of mass production is still carried out by hand. The extra multiwave is used in addition to the existing wave soldering lines and selective soldering machines.

Also curious if it is possible to produce products in a smarter way? Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation conversation or demo and get to know the possibilities for (re)design and smart production.

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