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The booking table: a logistical relief

With today's huge mix of components, the logistics process is not made easy for production companies. Fortunately, there are innovative solutions on the market, also for our location in Rotterdam, including 'the booking table'.

CDS Electronics is a high mix company, which means that the variation in components on production is high. It is therefore important that the booking-process of the components is done quickly, efficiently and without any problems. The Material Incoming Station of Essegi makes it possible to achieve this in a semi-automated way.

Through a camera, incoming goods are scanned, after which the data of the product, such as the number and manufacturer part number, are displayed on the screen. Thanks to the direct link that the booking table has with our ERP system, the items are automatically placed in stock with one push of a button.

To prevent errors, the item is only booked if the manufacturer part number on the purchase order and on the item are the same. It is also possible to collect additional information from articles such as the LOT number of the manufacturer. This contributes to ensuring traceability. Not only the LOT number contributes to this. The booking table also generates an internal number per product for SMD.

In short, the booking table gives us the opportunity to work faster and more efficiently without compromising the reliability of our stock.

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