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No-nonsense creativity

Combine no-nonsense with creativity and you get what you need

Electronics developers are always playing a bit of an inventor. By combining new and existing technologies in a new application and providing them with smart software, they create the best solutions that enable companies to develop their business in their market. “We are pragmatic inventors. What we develop is always commercially interesting.”

“Sometimes customers look a bit strange when they are with us. We shoot a barrage of questions at them to find out exactly what they want. What is the core of the problem for which they are looking for a solution? We really keep asking. It's a fantastic place to spar about your ideas.” Vincent Paalvast, director of Muco Technologies, likes the directness of his technical colleagues. “How they park an unfeasible idea and immediately continue to philosophize enthusiastically about how it can or can be done – wonderful. Pragmatism and creativity really go hand in hand here.”

Switch quickly

And with results. Muco Technologies works on special projects for very progressive companies at home and abroad. “And on a broad field: from Inmotio trackers for top football players to measure their exact position, running ability and fitness during the match 'real time' to electronics that save lives in car accidents, when every second counts.”

Muco develops electronics products and controls and therefore focuses on embedded software and printed circuit boards, and possibly also on the design of housings in order to be able to deliver a complete end product. “We develop the technology that allows the user to experience that his device does what the manufacturer promises. We link technological innovations to the customer's application, who often develop application software and apps for the end user themselves.”

During the intake, Muco's engineers always reduce the customer's specific questions to the basics. They include specific issues such as user, location and application in the design. “Our strength lies mainly in flexibility, short development steps, and in thinking along. We will present the first model within a few weeks. During the development process, we constantly review the concept together with the customer. In this way, undesirable matters quickly surface and you quickly achieve an optimal result. Maximum efficiency.”


Muco Technologies is first and foremost a development company. “We make the prototypes ourselves that we test with the customer. We can also put the end result into production at one of our sister companies: Head Electronics, CDS electronics, or Azteco electronics.” The growth of the company proves that this thorough approach works. Over the past four years, the team has nearly tripled from six developers to fifteen now.

“Our team has an enormous amount of know-how and expertise. And thanks to training and the fresh input of many trainees – there were no fewer than 65 in the past fifteen years – we are aware of the latest developments like no other.”

Article from 'Noord Holland'