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Combining new and existing technologies in diverse markets

Because development work for our clients often takes place confidentially you will find examples of anonymised cases on this site. This way you can still get an idea of the types of technologies we work with in various fields and sectors. This will also provide an insight into what our customers value and what we are good at. Are you looking for a technology partner? If so, the cases below will certainly pique your interest.

Ebikes case

Intelligent motor controls

Motor controls for consumers for high-end technical applications, where communication, theft prevention, findability, user information and optimal performance function as one system.
IOT - Internet of Things

IoT - Internet of Things

Whether it’s choosing a communication protocol, the right network, or a combination of technologies, we will make your IoT application efficient, secure and reliable.

Sensor technology and positioning

With sensors, the possibilities are endless. At the same time, this complicates making the right choices. This is where our strength lies! Meanwhile, our clients strengthen their own areas of expertis

Agricultural engineering

Properly combining RF technology, antenna technology, sensors and HW/SW: we are our customer’s technical conscience. Together, we ensure, that products remain competitive and efficient.

FUU (cable phase identification unit)

A reliable and user-friendly measuring system for safely determining the phase of ground cables and other cables. The FUU is used by energy companies and is ahead of European safety standards.

Cooperation in building automation

As a customer, you focus on the software, the platform and sales. We focus on hardware, procurement, production, service. Together, this creates a great collaboration in product life cycle management