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Quality & downloads

Quality & downloads

Delivering quality is an absolute condition for success

It has become a necessary condition to be able to deliver in these times. And that's how it should be. It goes without saying that we have quality systems in place and have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 since 1992. However, good quality goes further than that. It should be second nature for all employees in the organization.

Quality also means that we monitor for you whether certain components go out of production.
In consultation, we can stock a quantity of the relevant components for a certain period or find an alternative for you. The risks and associated requirements are specifically discussed with the customer for each product with regard to all aspects mentioned above. On this basis, agreements are made regarding testing and stock management, which are guaranteed through our quality system.


All products supplied through us have been extensively inspected and tested.
In production we basically distinguish three types of tests.



With an automated camera system, our printed circuit boards are checked component by component for the presence and quality of the soldering.

Certain defects only show up with this test. Some components are not immediately necessary for the primary functioning of a PCB. A functional test will not reveal the absence of such a component.

Of course, all printed circuit boards are visually checked after each step in the process, but especially if there are a large number of components on a printed circuit board, there is always the chance that a missing component or poor soldering is overlooked. The AOI scan identifies such omissions.



Ready prints are checked using a pin bed with a large number of pin contacts. All contacts are managed, measured and analyzed at a rapid pace.

For almost all prints that we make in any series size, a specific pin bed is built and a program is written that analyzes the print. This test detects defective components or incorrect soldering.


The functional test inspects whether the print actually does what it is intended for. A functional test can be performed by connecting to the connectors or via the pin bed. A program written for this purpose provides the printed circuit board with all possible signals and thus simulates actual operation. The outputs are checked to see whether the PCB actually emits the correct signals.



REACH is a system for registration, evaluation, and authorization of chemicals produced or imported into the EU.



CDS electronics supports the humanitarian goal of ending violence and human rights violations in the extraction of certain minerals from the Conflict Region.

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