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Professionals in production

MACH Technology Group’s distinguishing feature is that we not only develop advanced electronics, but also carry out in-house production and assembly. This takes place on 8,000 m2 of company floor space, spread across our three locations in the Netherlands: in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Katwijk. For you, this means short lines of communication, fast delivery capacity and security. Even with the geopolitical developments of today and the future.


Our clients are predominantly small and medium-sized companies, with a wide range of products in various sectors. From production companies in manufacturing, mechanical engineering, the process industry and healthcare to agriculture and logistics. In these industries, we frequently contribute to the development of electronics in the context of sustainability issues. With most of our clients we maintain a long-term relationship, with some even for decades.

If our engineers signal that raw materials or PCB components are becoming scarce or are no longer in line with the latest technologies, then (in consultation with production) we will look for solutions that we can implement in-house. In this way we monitor and extend the lifecycle of your product together with you.

Flexible, fast and reliable

With both development and production under one roof, MACH Technology Group distinguishes itself positively in the industry. With us, responsibilities are naturally clear. Producing in the Netherlands means short lines of communication and the ability to respond quickly. You also run less risk of geopolitical developments affecting the production of your product with us, because we develop and produce everything on Dutch soil. In short, you gain in speed, reliability and flexibility!

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Electronics | Development | Production

  • 8000 m2 production in NL
  • Multiple locations in NL
  • 250+ FTE > 40+ engineers
  • Proto to 100.000+ pcs production
  • Product lifecycle management for your products
  • Highest quality standards
  • 50+ years track record
  • Testing and service engineers