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Professionals in development

By applying and adapting proven technologies, our engineers develop and build highly advanced and innovative electronics. We do this for a variety of customers and industries.

Do you have a question in the field of electronics?

Together with you, we will map out your user requirements and then present you with a transparent design. If you wish, we will first produce a few prototypes for you to test extensively before we move on to actual production.

Product lifecycle management

We offer product lifecycle management for the development and production of your electronics solutions. This means that we proactively monitor global trends, market developments and any implications for you as a user of our products. We also take care of all maintenance and repairs. In this way we build a sustainable relationship in which flexibility, attention and co-planning with the customer are central.

Extending the lifecycle

With innovative solutions, we extend and optimise the lifecycle of your product. By outsourcing your product innovation, you will ensure that you periodically stay abreast of the latest, relevant technologies around the world. Together, we look at and assess whether new technologies add value in order to extend and optimise the product life cycle and to maintain or further expand your competitive position.

Innovation partner

The size of our engineering department and the creative versatility and interaction between our engineers is stimulating and proves time and again to be a catalyst for distinctive innovations. Mutual cooperation in various fields of expertise increases the spin-off of smart solutions for our customers. Your product innovation is our core business.

Want to know more about MACH Technology Group as your innovation partner? Contact us.

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Electronics | Development | Production

  • 8000 m2 production in NL
  • Multiple locations in NL
  • 250+ FTE > 40+ engineers
  • Proto to 100.000+ pcs production
  • Product lifecycle management for your products
  • Highest quality standards
  • 50+ years track record
  • Testing and service engineers