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Keyplayer in product lifecycle management for products with electronics

For decades, MUCO Technologies, HEAD Electronics and CDS Electronics have worked closely together. As a result, a merger in 2021 into MACH Technology Group was the next logical step. In total, about 45 engineers work at MACH Technology Group on innovative product developments for various clients. Production and assembly are taken care of by more than 250 employees, spread over three locations in the Netherlands with a total floor space of 8,000 m2.

Our R&D engineers work from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Katwijk. They monitor technological developments worldwide and analyse the impact on our clients’ products. Our pioneers work in the fields of electronics hardware design, layout, embedded software and mechanics. From concept to final product, including required certifications.

At our location in Katwijk, not only the assembly and production of printed circuit boards takes place, but also the development of the associated test tools, hardware and embedded software. The production site at the Rotterdam fruit port focuses on making products intelligent and has brand new state-of-the-art machinery. Just like in Katwijk, we assemble and produce printed circuit boards and develop the accompanying test tools, hardware and embedded software.

Together we make the world smarter!

Electronics | Development | Production

  • 8000 m2 production in NL
  • Multiple locations in NL
  • 250+ FTE > 40+ engineers
  • Proto to 100.000+ pcs production
  • Product lifecycle management for your products
  • Highest quality standards
  • 50+ years track record
  • Testing and service engineers