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New in Rotterdam: Real-time oscilloscoop

We recently acquired a brand new oscilloscope at our location in Rotterdam, which makes the work for our engineers run a lot smoother than before. We are talking about the UXR0104A 10 GHz, 4 channel, Infiniium UXR-Series real-time oscilloscoop van Keysight Technologies.

The big advantage of this unique device is that signals can be measured even faster than before. The new scope can measure signals from 10 GHz and is expandable up to 33 GHz with adjustment of the software!

The device also benefits the quality of our products, as it allows measurements to be carried out reliably. With this oscilloscope it can be validated whether a signal actually meets the established standard.

The oscilloscope enables various measurements of high-speed signals, such as DDR2-4, HDMI, MIPI, Ethernet, PCIe and USB.

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