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Agriculture - Smart Farming

The agricultural sector needs animal-friendly, sustainable and economic solutions. With “Smart Farming” innovative solutions are developed in every area. By using the latest techniques in the Agri and Food sector, more and more sustainability and environmental requirements are being met, including reduction of CO2, waste of food, quality, safety, etc.

Through years of cooperation with a wide variety of established parties, MACH technology has a lot of knowledge within this sector. We are the customer's technical conscience by sharing and applying knowledge and experiences of technologies and applications from other sectors.

Technical sub-areas that we master are:

  • Smart Sensors & IoT for remote monitoring of soil and crops;
  • CANopen communication to combine tractor, implement(s) and controls;
  • ECU systems with simplified architecture and reduction of wiring harnesses;
  • Remotely monitor machines for movement, position and use;
  • Human Interfaces based on Linux for operation

Track record

Projects and innovations through the right combinations of technologies:

  • Cowmanager – Specific cows can be traced using wireless techniques and the cow's data is available at your fingertips;
  • Optimal climate conditions for cultivation and stables with displays, network technology and smart sensors and actuators
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