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IoT - Internet of Things

IOT - Internet of Things

Connect your devices to the internet in the most efficient and secure way possible. Whether choosing a communication protocol or the right network, we make your Internet of Things (IoT) application efficient, secure and reliable.

Globally, everything and everyone is becoming increasingly connected. There is therefore a good chance that your product will soon be (or need to be) connected to the internet in a certain way and exchange information. Connectivity is almost a given today and the possibilities of creating smart products or services are unprecedented.

Big data

What is really important to you as a user? What kind of data or big data is desirable or needed? What impact will IoT have on your operations? Does it fit into your revenue model at all and what are the industry requirements when it comes to internet connections between different devices? Together with you, we will answer these questions and do more. We also listen to your needs and look for opportunities in the market.

Battery Management System (BMS)

The technical feasibility of your project is entirely up to us, with the starting point: nothing is impossible! Our challenge is to produce the smartest solution, combining knowledge of the technologies (that are behind the IoT solution and in the product). How do we collect the desired data and what is the best network and communication protocol? Is it an air conditioning system, does it involve measurement and control technology, sensor technology, battery management or perhaps motor control? Relevant, current, and challenging issues, but daily fare for MACH Technologies. This is what we do!

IoT security

However, IoT also has risks. The line between industrial and consumer applications is becoming increasingly thin. Work and private life are increasingly intertwined. Knowledge of security, encryption and secure firmware are therefore a must. We see the risks as challenges: this is where our strength lies!

IoT for sustainability

Finally, there are also societal challenges that we consider, and we focus on sustainability issues and the environment. We think this is important. Changes are necessary if we are not to lose our right to exist on earth. Applying high-quality technology can help us do this, so while we’re at it …

Track record

Our track record starts more than 25 years ago with the development and production of a maritime solution. This was followed by Machine2Machine (M2M) solutions, and today we are working with our customers on tomorrow’s most futuristic applications. Many of our case studies, which you can consult here, therefore cover IoT.

  • Roof leakage measurement with LoRa communication.
  • Oxygen sensor with LoRa communication and long lifetime.
  • Corona Distance checker, BLE and UWB based.
  • NFC reader.
  • Position sensor with 10 mm resolution DGS/RTK.
  • QI wireless charging.
  • Position system for track and trace purposes for football and hockey teams. Resolution 10 cm.
  • Lightweight internet solution on board planes. Affordable solution, meeting basic communication needs for travellers. It uses satellites, which fly in a relatively low orbit around the earth.
  • Device locator: An (M2M) interface based on a GPRS modem combined with a GPS receiver. Applications: from forklifts, trailers, and sailboats to industrial coffee makers.